Gallery Appeareances and Awards:                                                                             Art Center of Northern NJ Art Show (Saul E. Weiss Memorial Fund Award)
Jane Law's LBI Art Studio & Gallery  (Honorable mention 2002, 2nd place 2002, 2nd place 2007).
Ocean City Arts Center Photo Show  2nd place 2006 & Honorable Mention.
Perkins Center for the Arts  Johnson & Johnson purchase award 2007
The Photo Review 2006 Competition issue
Phillip Mill Gallery  New Hope, Pa
Wild Wood Photo gallery  New York
Project Basho gallery   Philadelphia, Pa
Churchville  Churchville, Pa  (Third Place and two Honorable Mentions)
Hammonton Art Center  (First Place, Landscape)
Soho Myriad


As far back as elementary school, I had a fascination with photography.  Whenever there was a special event in school, I would make sure that I had my "Donald Duck" camera (which I still have) to capture the moment.  It wasn't until the age of twenty-six that I decided to go to Antonelli's School of Photography to pursue a career in photography.  Now, after more than three decades of clicking the shutter and a wide range of shooting assignments (advertising, commercial, portraits, schools, nature, and more), the passion for the art/craft has become even more intense and rewarding.
  Capturing fleeting moments in time is an incredible quest.  There is a feeling of complete joy and excitement in knowing that, in a fraction of a second, I have recorded exactly what I wanted to express.  I feel that I have been blessed with this gift/talent and strive to touch an emotional chord in the viewer.  The reward is great when you see a mother's eyes tear up as she tells you how much she loves the photo of her child, or when you provoke some ponderous thought in the viewer.  This is when you know your hard work has paid off.
  I just recently decided to enter the world of photo galleries and art shows to display my photo art.  I hope, as I continue to capture slices of life in my every day travels, that it is clear to the viewer that my photographs convey my love of the art and so much more.
                                                  Thank you, and enjoy your visit!    Les Tyler

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